Here’s what other people have said about Mononym Mythology:

“With Mononym Mythology, Sydney crafts research-driven musings on the intersection of pop music and the moving image without ever feeling pretentious. Those with any interest in pop culture's past, present, and future would be remiss to not have her thoughtful and endlessly entertaining deep dives in their lives. In a world where everyone has a newsletter—and where I find myself somehow subscribed to all of them—Mononym Mythology stands out as the one I will always read the second it enters my inbox.” — CODY CORRALL, culture critic and co-host of Into the Twilight

“Sydney writes about music videos and pop star culture with the academic rigour of the most studious scholar and the breathless excitement of a great novelist. Whether you're a hardcore stan or can't name a single B-side, her engaging prose makes for the most involving and nuanced writing you're likely to find anywhere on the internet.” — DAN SIMPSON, PhD student and host of Eyebrow Cinema

“Sydney is one of the few pop culture critics I know who takes music videos seriously. For her newsletter Mononym Mythology, she does quality research into pop divas and visual artifacts we know so well, we rarely really think about them. The result is often surprising, slightly melancholic, and always delightful. Oh, and scandalously free.” — SEP, writer of Sep’s Weird Movie Blog

“Sydney's scholarship—erudite, hawk-eyed, vigorous, shameless—brings to mind Manny Farber's comments on 'termite' artists, that they eat away their boundaries in eager, industrious activity without self-satisfied pomp or the judging, over-the-shoulder eyes of tradition. Regardless of what subject comes under Sydney's scrutiny, and no subject is too slight or zany, the writing that results has the stamp of authority on it: no stone unturned, no thought unconsidered, no feeling unappreciated. With so much pop culture in the world today to glut on, we sometimes take it thoughtlessly for granted. That we do is why writers like Sydney are so indispensable.” — MOLLY ROSE FUSCO, film essayist

“Sydney is one of the few people bringing a film critic's analytical eye to the art of music videos. Each newsletter is like a little explosion of pop art confetti in your inbox, and her devotion to Madonna Studies is admirable. It's hard to say anything new about Queen Madge given just how long her reign has been, but Sydney always brings the ideal combination of research and genuine fandom to create something both informative and fun.” — ABBEY BENDER, writer on film and fashion

“Sydney's analysis in Mononym Mythology is always so thought-provoking. I love reading about important moments in pop culture and pop diva history with a kind of rigour and curiosity that's hard to find in both journalism and academic writing. Sydney's insights are mixed with a great sense of humour and when I finish every instalment, I feel like I've just had a wildly interesting conversation with a good friend.” — RACHEL KATZ, research assistant and philosophy student

“Few things during this pandemic have been as serendipitous as stumbling upon Sydney’s newsletter. Her sharp, niche explorations of Madonna, Beyonce, The Weeknd, and Lady Gaga are a refreshing alternative to flattening and presumptuous narratives about the rich and famous. Her insatiable inquisitiveness about the contributions of celebrities is an inspiration to writers who are looking for something new and interesting to say about art and culture in the social media age.” — KYNDALL CUNNINGHAM, freelance culture critic